Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sharing what you read at Google Reader

Google Reader is an RSS reader that allows you to share what you are reading with others and/or to republish the contents of the feeds in your own webpage or blog.

Here's how it works: You can organize your subscriptions into folders, and then optionally make those folders public. When a folder is public, other people can access the contents of the folder either via a webpage (a bit clunky), or in a widget that shows a list of the feeds you are subscribed to, or the latest items in the folder. This is very cool! Using this option, you can instantly add a blogroll to your own blog, or a widget that displays the latest items in the blogs you are reading. See below for examples of what the blogroll and clippings widgets look like.

Feeds and Folders. First, you need to set up your GoogleReader service and organize your subscriptions in folders. To add a subscription to a folder, just click on a feed, then click on the Feed Settings button and select the folder(s) to add the feed to a folder. To remove a feed from a folder, just click on the folder and it will be deselected.

Share a Folder. To share a folder, click on Settings in the upper right-hand corner.

Then click on the Folders tab in order to access the folder the sharing options.

To adjust the privacy setting of a folder, select the folder, and then use the Change Sharing menu to choose public or private.

Ways to Share. After you make a folder public, you will see various options off to the right which are the links you need in order to share the contents of the folder as a webpage, as a clip of the latest items, or as a blogroll listing the subscriptions!

So here is the a blogroll of all the feeds in my Latin folder - are there other Latin- and Classics-related blogs I should be reading??? Let me know!

Plus, here is a clip of the latest items (I've chosen to list just 7 items, but you can configure the widget to list even more if you want) - cool!