Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ning: Creating a Photo Album

If your Ning has an images area available, you can add "photo" to the end of your Ning address in order to access the photo area -

To add an album, first you have to upload photos, then you can collect the photos into an album. It will be much easier if you use a naming convention for the images so that you can collect them easily for the album later. To add tags while you upload the images, use the Bulk Photo Uploader.

To add photos, click on the My Photos link, then click on Add Photos, and then click on Bulk Photo Uploader. This allows you to select all the images in a folder and upload them all at once, while adding a "tag" to each image for later sorting. (It takes a few minutes for the bulk uploader to get started, but it saves time in the end!)

After the bulk uploader loads, ou just highlight the photos you want and drag them into the upload area. Then click Next.

You can add titles to the images all at once here, prompted by the thumbnail, and you can also add tags. If you add a tag now to all the images, it will make it easier to create the Album afterwards. You can type in a tag to use for all the images; just make sure you click the "Apply this info to the photos below" button to make sure the tag is copied to all the images. When you are done giving titles and tags to the images, click Upload.

After the images have been uploaded, they will be part of your overall Photo collection. To create an Album of this specific set of images, click on My Albums. Then, click on the Add an Album link. You can Filter by the tag you created to get just those pictures in the left window, and then drag them in the order you want them in the album to the right window. You can drag an image up to be the Album cover, and also give the Album a name. When you are done, click Save.

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