Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Backing up with and

I was extremely pleased to see that is now offering a way to back-up the contents of your blog to your hard drive. Although I don't expect to be going away in the near future, it is very reassuring to me to be able to have a backup copy of my blogs, just in case. I develop a lot of content in my blogs ( and in my wikis (, and now both services offer a backup option. I make a backup copy of my blogs and my wikis every month, just in case.

For, just go to Settings:

Then click on Export Blog:

It will save an XML file containing the contents of your blog to your hard drive. Notice that it does not specific which blog you have saved - so you will probably want to change the file name, replacing "blog" with the name of your blog (especially if you are backing up multiple blogs on your hard drive, as I do). Although the XML format is not something easy to edit, it is a good standard format that you could use to recreate the blog in case of emergency.

At, go to Settings, and then look down in the Advanced Settings area; you will see Backup listed as an option there. Click on Backup, and you will then be given the option to download a zipped copy of your wiki's contents!

The PBWiki zip file reflects both the name of your wiki and the date of the backup, so you probably won't need to do any renaming of your files.

I try to back up my active blogs and wikis every month, and I just delete the older backup files. It's easy to do... and I think it's a good idea... just in case! :-)

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