Friday, August 1, 2008

TwitterFox: Twittering with Firefox

I've had my ups-and-downs with Twitter (I'm OnlineCrsLady), trying out all kinds of Twitter applications - browser-based, desktop, dashboard - but none of them made it easy and convenient for me to keep up with Twitter and to tweet regularly. I had finally gave up and stopped using Twitter as a result of not finding a good way to integrate it into my everyday online life. Well, good news! I've finally found a Firefox addon - TwitterFox - that in its current version does EXACTLY what I need it to do to make Twitter fun for me, without being intrusive or burdensome.

TwitterFox sits down in the browser status bar, taking up no space at all, but it has a little number next to it which shows the number of new tweets people I am following have posted. See the blue T with the number next to it? That's TwitterFox. Easy to see - but completely unobtrusive.

Then, when I want either to read those tweets, or to post my own tweet, I just click on the blue T and a nice little screen pops up, allowing me either to scroll through the new tweets, or to add my own tweet instantly.

And here's the best thing - there's a little "link" icon that will instantly grab the address from the currently selected tab in Firefox and plunk that into the tweet box. For me, that is an aboslutely essential feature - and I had not found that so nicely integrated in any of the other Twitter tools I had tried.

THREE CHEERS FOR TWITTERFOX! I think I will find some really good ways to taking advantage of Twitter with my students this fall, now that I have found such a great Twitter tool that I can use! Yeah!!!

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