Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Note about the new PBWiki and Javascript

For those of you who are PBWiki-users, you have probably seen that there is a new version of the PBWiki software. If you create a new wiki, it is now automatically created with the latest version of the software, and you can upgrade your existing wiki to the new version of the software.

As I learned when I created a new wiki this weekend, there are some nice new features in the new version of the software - but also one serious problem, at least for me: you cannot paste javascript into the new version of the wiki, not in the pages, and not in the sidebar. Previously, you were able to paste in javascript, and the user was given the option to turn the javascript on/off using a control at the bottom of the page.

Well, I wrote to the Support folks at PBWiki and was delighted to get an answer back that same day from a very helpful person. He explained that they were looking for a solution to this problem, and they hope to restore the ability to add javascript to the wiki pages soon. There is a rather complicated work-around available right now involving Google Gadgets, but that was more trouble than it was worth to me, so I have not tested that out myself.

So, I am going to wait on switching my existing wikis to the new software, hoping that there will indeed be a way to include javascript again, as in the past. In the meantime, I wanted to alert those of you with existing PBWikis to be careful: if javascripts are an important part of your existing PBWiki, you should probably wait to upgrade your wiki to the new software until a javascript solution is available.

If and when I learn anything more about that, I'll post information about it here.