Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Desire2Learn: Combined Courses Calendar

If your instructor has made the Desire2Learn Calendar widget part of the class homepage, you will see by default a month view, with a button at the bottom that lets you click for a detailed view of Today:

Here is what you see if you click the Today button:

You can configure the Calendar Settings by clicking on the Settings option in the right-hand column:

Even more important, though, is the Display Options button, which is in the left-hand column.

This is what allows you to decide if you want to view the events from ALL COURSES together, or just the events for this course:

If you choose to see the events from all courses, you can click on an event that is part of another course, and it will take you to that course area in Desire2Learn - but be careful: all the rest of the navigation still applies to the course area for which you are logged on (so if you click "Course Home" it will not take you to the course home area for the event you clicked on; instead, it will take you back to the course home area for the calendar page you were originally viewing).

If your instructors have included events for the course in the course Calendar, that will make it easy for you to see a combined list of all your course events for any given day!

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