Saturday, August 9, 2008

Creating a Poll with is a fantastic free service that allows you to create polls which you can link to directly or embed in your blog or in your webpages. Here are instructions on how to create a PollDaddy account and start making your own polls.

Create your free account. First, go to the website and click on the Signup tab:

There are a variety of types of accounts, but you want to click on the option for a Free Account (scroll down to the bottom of the free column to create your account):

Fill out the information requested (name, email address, and password).

Go to Account Home. After your account is created, click on the Home Tab to go to your PollDaddy account home page. To the right, in My Latest Polls, you should see a list of any polls you have created, along with a link to create a new poll:

Create a poll. When you create a poll, you will need to ask a question. Then, list the possible answers. Remember to use the RED MINUS SIGN on the right to remove any blank answer spaces that you don't want to use. On the left, you can find UP/DOWN ARROWS to rearrange your answers in the order you think is best.

Select a Poll Style. You can choose a style for your poll down below where you entered the question and answers. Use the arrows to page through the different style options.

Save and Continue. When you are done with the poll questions and answers and have selected a style, click the Save and Continue button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Publishing your poll. You will see several options for publishing your poll. By default, the javascript widget appears first. You can use javascript in most webpages and blogs. If you want to send someone a link to your poll via the email, you need to choose Direct Link Method from the right-hand column.

This will give you the webpage address for your poll:

You can also use the javascript option to include the poll inside a blog post or webpage! Here's a sample: