Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wordle: Create your own word clouds

Since "tag clouds" are one of the distinctive aspects of del.icio.us (which I have been posting about for the past week), I thought I would share this nifty utility called Wordle, which creates word clouds - with some very artistic layouts! - from blogs or any other type of webpage with an RSS feed. It will also create a word cloud from a chunk of text that you simply cut and paste into the word cloud generator.

It's very self-explanatory - just get your content ready (RSS or text) and then head over to Wordle to generate your own word cloud!

You can customize it in various ways (horiztonal v. vertical, color palettes, fonts, etc.), but the default settings work great - you can see below the cloud it created for this blog, based on the RSS feed. What fun!

Thanks to the Generator Blog (one of my very favorite fun blogs to read) for alerting me about this one! I love the way it kind of created a default motto for the past week - SEE: dynamic content tags can be del.icio.us!

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