Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Firefox 3 - and Whitehart Theme

I finally upgraded to Firefox browser, version 3, after waiting for the last of the add-ons I consider essential to become available for this latest version of Firefox (I'll be profiling some of those add-ons in future posts). What I wanted to write about today was not about add-ons, though, but about choosing a theme for Firefox.

When I installed Firefox 3, I was surprised to discover how much I did not like the default theme! That was unexpected for me, since I've always been a user of Mozilla products and have always felt comfortable enough with the default themes that I have not messed with any of the available custom themes.

Well, that was not going to work this time. Something about the default theme for the latest Firefox just did not seem right to me, and it was distracting me from my work. So I spent about a half hour trying out different themes, and it was fascinating to see how really different they were, and how I responded pretty strongly to them, including strongly negative to quite a few of them. But then, I found it - the theme that works for me: Whitehart.

I am really glad I spent the time trying out the different themes. Given that 99% of the work I do is browser-based, it has been great having a theme that is very clear and, for me, easy on the eyes. It's not a frivolity: if you are lucky enough to find a theme that works really nicely for you, it can definitely improve your online workday!

I would urge everybody to browse around the Firefox Add-ons to find a theme that works for you - just click on the Advanced Search option for Firefox Add-ons and you can look specifically for themes that are compatible with your version of Firefox and your operating system. That's how I found Whitehart - and it's turned out to be a great choice for me!

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