Friday, July 11, 2008

BlogThis: Instant blogging with

Since I used my little BlogThis button to save a few articles from the New York Times today over at my Curiose blog, I thought I would explain about this very nifty browser add-on feature for instant blog publishing! I use it all the time, sometimes to create an actual post, but usually just to save something as a draft which I can then develop into a full-blown blog post later on. This option works very well for me since I stay logged into my Google account all day long (reading Gmail, posting in blogs, using GoogleBooks); so, with BlogThis I can instantly save webpage links in the blogs where I will need them, as opposed to just bookmarking them and hoping that I might remember later what I saved them for!

You can read all about the BlogThis button over at the Help section - and you can also grab your own copy of the button there.

In short, the BlogThis button is really just a javascript which happily sits on your browser toolbar. Then, when you are viewing a webpage, you just click on the BlogThis button. It will open a window which displays all your blogs. You choose the blog you want to post to from the list.

After you have chosen the blog you want to post to, the new post will automatically be populated with a title and with a link to the webpage you are looking at, so if that is all you need you can go ahead and either Publish the post as is, or save it as a Draft.

Alternatively, you can do some typing and editing, just as you would in the regular interface, and then Publish or save as Draft.

Tip: If you highlight text on the page before you click on the BlogThis button, that text will also be copied into the body of the post, with quotation marks around it. Very handy!

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