Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Just a quick note today about an online service I use ALL the time: Using this free online service, you can convert a monstrously long URL into something short and sweet.

For example, a GoogleMap URL can be monstrously long:

But TinyURL turns that long address into this short one:

It's even easier if you install the TinyURL Toolbar Button in your browser, so that when you are looking at a page with a long URL, you just click the Toolbar button, and TinyURL automatically generates the short URL for you.

There's an interesting article about the service at Wikipedia. Some services, like MySpace apparently, do not allow the use of TinyURLs, presumably because a TinyURL does prevent someone knowing a little bit about their destination before they click. Yet while MySpace may ban TinyURLs, a service like Twitter absolutely depends on it - if you include an http address that is longer than 30 characters in a Twitter post, it is automatically converted to a TinyURL, which is often how people first learn about this very handy service!

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