Sunday, June 8, 2008

Adding a Widget to your Blog

If you have a Google blog, you can easily add widgets to your blog. If you do not have a blog yet, here are instructions for setting up a new blog - it only takes a couple of minutes!

Make sure your uses Layout. This only works if you have upgraded your blog to the system that debuted in 2006. You can quickly see from your Dashboard which system you are using. If your Dashboard indicates that a blog you have is equipped with "Layout," you are on the new system:

Using the drag-and-drop Layout system, you can easily add widgets to your side column. Some services, like and, give you a single-click option to add a widget to your blog. For this tutorials, I'm going to show you how to add one of the Blogger Widgets from to your Blogger blog.

Log in and add widget. First, log in to, so that your blog is ready for you to add widgets.

Then, just go to the webpage with the script you want to use. For this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to add the Greek Proverb of the Day script to your website. I'll start by going to the Greek Proverb of the Day Widget page at the website.

As you will see, there is an Add to Blogger button for the script:

Click on the Add to Blogger button, and you will be able to select a blog from your list of blogs (there's a dropdown menu if you have more than one blog). NOTE: You have to be logged in to for your blog list to be populated.

When you are done selecting your blog (if you have more than one) and making any changes you want to the title, click Add Widget.

This will take you to your Layout page. You can "drag-and-drop" the widgets in your sidebar to whatever location you want.

You can also use this Layout screen to add all kinds of other content to your Blogger template - just click on "Add Gadget" to see the range of things you can include.

When you make changes to the Layout, be sure to click on the orange Save button at the top of the layout diagram to make sure your changes are saved! You can always click on the Preview button to see how it is going to look on your actual blog page.

And don't be nervous: none of your blog posts are affected by changes you make to the Layout, so you can play with the Layout and not worry about putting any of your content at risk. So, experiment and have fun with creating your own "look and feel" for your blog! The possibilities are endless! :-)

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