Monday, May 26, 2008

SpringWidgets RSS Reader

SpringWidgets is a fantastic service which provides all kinds of widgets you might want to add to your blog, and which also allows you to create your own custom widgets, including a great widget to capture an RSS feed (or multiple feeds) and display it in a nice scrolling window. You control the width of the window, allow with other parameters. It takes just a couple of minutes to create! Here's an example of a SpringWidget for this blog, and you can find simple instructions below for creating your own SpringWidget for any RSS feed(s) that you want!

Create Your Own SpringWidget RSS Reader!

All you need to create your widget is the address of the feed(s) you want to display in the Reader. Just go to the SpringWidgets RSS Reader page, and click on 1. Customize. This will open up a window where you can add the address of the RSS feed(s) you want to display, as well as setting the width and height of the widget, choosing a border color, etc.

Then, go to 2. Get the Widget Code, in the lower part of the screen. This is the code you need to cut and paste into your blog, wiki or webpage in order to have the widget display. That's it! What a great way to add an RSS feed (or multiple feeds) to your website!

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