Monday, May 26, 2008

Podcast Hosting at Liberated Syndication

I'm gearing up for a book that will be published this fall for which I will be doing regular weekly, perhaps daily, podcasts. After researching the various options (with great information provided by, I decided to go with Liberated Syndication - and the first few podcasts I have created have gone flawlessly! So, this is an option I can definitely recommend to those of you who want to do podcasts and would be willing to spend $5/month to save yourself the hassle of hosting your own audio files and worrying about bandwidth.

The only limit is on your uploads (100MB per month for the $5 option, 250MB per month for the $10 option), with no limit on the downloads - so if you are lucky enough to hit it off with an audience, you will not be punished for your success! The files are available for download with a stable URL, although after one month they are put onto a slower delivery network (the assumption being that podcasts have a timely value). So, I'll report back in a month when some of my test podcasts are moved to archive status. Since my podcasts are quite short, I'm not expecting any problems there.

All you need to get up and going is a way to record MP3 files on your computer. I'm personally a big fan of Audacity, which is free software for both Mac and Windows (although I've heard there are some troubles with Audacity and Windows Vista - I'm a Mac user, and thus blissfully unaware of any gory details about Vista).

Once you have your MP3 file ready to upload, you log on to Liberated Syndication. You then provide a description of your file, upload - and that's it! Liberated Syndication publishes a blog for you (which could be handy for people who don't already have a blog) and, more importantly, that blog has the RSS feed which contains all the podcasting tags. I was able to run my RSS feed from the Liberated Syndication blog through Feedburner to get this very nice RSS feed page in Feedburner style:

This Feedburner feed then let me easily generate a nifty widget of my podcasts with an embedded audio player and everything!

Later this week, I'll post some more details about how this all fits together (Audacity, Feedburner, SpringWidgets, etc.) - but for now, I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with the service provided by Liberated Syndication, and I am really excited about adding podcasts to my online repertoire! :-)

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